Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Fragment of the Frontier of Beauty

"Another Fragment of the Frontier of Beauty," 13.25 x 41, made by Pam Geisel, Oct. 2014

Has it really been seven months since I posted about a new quilt? The good news is that I has several new ones to share over the next few weeks. First up is "Another Fragment of the Frontier of Beauty."

The title is a quote by Albert Einstein from a wonderful story titled "The Night I Met Einstein" by Jerome Weidman, which I first read in Reader's Digest but you can read by following the link.

I actually started this piece back in June, doing the machine piecing and design work but saving the hand beading for when I needed a project to work on away from the studio. There was a lot of auditioning fabrics until I found the solid green pieces that I used to complement the focal fabrics. The long vertical piece that runs through the middle is one piece of hand dyed fabric that starts with a gold tone that blends into a blue color and hangs below the bottom of the quilt.

One of the focal fabrics has the pinkish abstract football shapes had pink beads hand sewn on them, making some look like fish. Here you can see some of the minimal vertical quilting that appears on the upper green pieces but doesn't go all the way to the edge of the fabric and instead stops at different points and has green seed beads where they stop.

The other focal fabric features a batik sun on the left and a maze of sorts on the right. There are small, clear seed beads in the maze and at the end of the sun's rays, with a beaded face in the middle of the sun.

There is a lime green sheer on the lower right with some coins that came off of a hip scarf used as part of a belly dance costume.

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