Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three Wishes - Project Quilting

"Three Wishes," 9.75" x 34", made for Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 5: Print Publications, Mar. 2013

Quick recap of the challenge: "Print Publications"
1. Chose a print publication and open to page 28. Your inspiration must come from this page.

I must admit that this wasn’t the first magazine page I looked at. The first one was an ad for the National Geographic Channel’s special “Killing Lincoln” which was 90% black with very little images and text. The second one was only text, it was the legalese that went with a prescription drug ad. Last week I gave away over a hundred “American Craft” and “Fiber Arts” magazines going back to 1998…if only I’d known what this week’s challenge was going to be!

Then I remembered there were about two dozen or so pages that I’d removed from the magazines before I gave them away. I pulled out those pages and sure enough there was a page 28 on the back of an article that I was interested in. Page 28 had an article about wallpaper that isn’t what it seems. The example has flowers with tiny white bombs falling in front of them. This article was from the Nov./Dec. 2005 issue of Fiber Arts.

My first thought was to make a fabric mosaic with three parts: a blue square, an orange square, and a red square. I usually put my fabric mosaics in a frame but I didn’t have any that were the right size so I thought I’d piece them on a light colored background. I started looking through my massive fabric stash only to find I’d recently used up all my light neutral fabrics and I didn’t really want to use a white background.

I pulled out a box that had non-quilting cottons and found a home décor fabric that was the right shade and decided that I liked the back of the fabric even better because it had great texture. Also from that box I chose three bright, shiny purple and pink woven fabrics which look different depending on the angle that you look at them. At this point I abandoned my original plan to use the colors from page 28. I also took out some deep velvet that has blues, greens and purples in it, and a dark brownish purple wrinkly taffeta.

I sandwiched the home décor fabric and the back fabric with some wool batting and quilted some wavy horizontal lines with two different colors of purple thread then I quilted around the outside of the quilt a few times to finish the edges. The top and bottom edges are frayed and fringy.

I sewed the dark brownish purple across the middle leaving the extra width hanging over each side. I put some extra batting behind the shiny purple squares, appliquéd them to the background, and quilted them with a square spiral. Then I appliquéd the three velvet squares on top of the shiny ones. The two photos above show the different colors in the velvet.

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Patchwork Mill, Maria said...

This quilt is so beautiful Pam!

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

Pam, I'm always so impressed with your creative projects! This is fantastic!

PersimonDreams said...

Gorgeous! Love your interpretation of page 28.

Barbara said...

Looks great Pam! Thanks for sharing your process. : )