Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dayton Landmark Quilts at the Schuster Center

"Dayton Landmark Quilts: Dayton Skyline," #4 made by Sara Lynne Walsh, #5 made by Pam Geisel, and #6 made by Joan Sterr. The photo on the left was taken by Ronnie Doyal.

Last year my art quilt group the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network decided we'd make some "slice" quilts. Ronnie Doyal, a member who is also a photographer, took photographs of six Dayton landmarks. The photos were divided into several pieces with each quilter taking a piece (or two).

Participants got to choose which of the six photos they wanted to work on but the order of the slices was pulled out of a hat.

The top photo shows just three of the six quilts that make up the Dayton Skyline quilt. I did the middle one, the one with the KeyBank logo. All of the quilts in this set are 42" high and 17.5"wide.

"Dayton Landmark Quilts: Dayton Skyline," #6 closeup by Pam Geisel

All of the quilts are now finished and will be hanging in the Schuster Performing Arts Center, One West Second St. in downtown Dayton during the run of the musical "Wicked." The quilts will be on display from May 30 to June 24, 2012. We've got tickets for the show in late June and I'm really looking forward to seeing the show and also all the quilts hanging together.

We hope to have them on display in other locations in the Dayton area and I'll be sure to blog about them. Plus I'll do a blog about how I made this quilt and the other Dayton Landmark quilt that I made.

UPDATE: You can see all of the Dayton Landmark Quilts on the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network Facebook page, and you should be able to view them even if you don't have a Facebook account. Click on the thumbnail photos to see the whole quilt.


Holly U said...

Fabulous! Thanks for letting me know. Now I'm glad I have to take a package to the post office...I'll take a long slow stroll past these quilts on the way back to the office.

SUSAN said...

Way to go Pam! Congrats also on having your work published!