Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quilt blocks from a garage sale

For clarification, yes, fabric arranged into a unit are often called quilt blocks. What I mean is real wooden blocks. What do you see when you look in this box?
Do you see quares, half-square triangles (or right-angled triangle for you non-quilters) and 45-degree diamonds (or rhombus for my mathematically-inclined relatives)?

What did I see when I looked in the box? (Hint: what can you make with squares, half-square triangles and 45-degree diamonds?)

A quilt!

And my niece and nephew can play with them when they come to visit. It seems only fair since I played with their blocks the last time I visited them.

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Anonymous said...

I love these blocks for teaching children about geometrical shapes when they are old enough to understand.