Monday, September 20, 2010

Susan's Seasons

My friend Susan has a wreath that hangs on her house against a dark wall and she wanted some way to add some color to it. She's always been a fan of my quilted postcards and asked if I could make 4 larger postcards, each with a different season, so she could hang them inside her wreath.

She knew she wanted a cardinal for the Winter season, but left the other seasons up to me. I knew I wanted to have a pumpkin for the fall and a watermelon for the summer and we both thought flowers was a good choice for Spring.

Since the fabrics were fused and raw-edge machine applique, I used batik fabrics for all but the background. Batiks have a tighter weave and are less likely to have loose threads along the edges.

These are approximately 6" x 8" with the fabric fused to a stiff fusible interfacing with a tight satin stitch around the outside, with solid colored thread on the cardinal and the flowers and a variegated thread on the watermelon and the pumpkin.

I happy with the way they came out, but even better is that Susan just loves them.

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