Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Along Buck Creek" a raganon for the Springfield Museum of Art

Last Fall, the Springfield (Ohio) Museum of Art had an exhibit of quilts and artwork by Aminah Robinson, a Columbus artist. The collection was called "Along Water Street." I was one of the docents during the event and you can read more about it here.

There were 8-10 schools who brought students to see the exhibit and while the kids were here we also had them make a clothespin doll. A large "RagGanNon" canvas was painting with cloth glued on it to represent all of the schools that participated, the museum, and Buck Creek, which runs behind the museum. (A "RagGanNon" is a large piece that keeps growing in size because it keeps ragging on and on).

This week myself and some of the other docents went to the museum to sew the 400+ clothespin dolls onto the canvas. The canvas will now travel to the schools that participated and then hopefully will find a more permanent home.

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