Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quilts in Louisville, Kentucky

My husband attended and presented at a conference in Louisville, KY and I went along for fun. One of the houses we toured, the Conrad-Caldwell House in Historic Louisville had very intricate parquet floors and several of the designs are also quilt patterns. I think the tour guide thought I was a little odd, since I was taking photos of the floors and not the furniture.

I also visited the Pyro Gallery, which is an artist co-operative and all artists have some art on display in the lower gallery, with a rotating exhibit of the members on the upper gallery. When I was there the featured artists were both amazing fiber artists, Bette Levy and Melinda Snyder. If you click on their names you can see photos of their quilts, but they are so much better in person. I caught the exhibit on the last week it was open.

Louisville has several glass artists including three groups that share the studio space at Glassworks. They have glass blowers, flamework artists and an architectural glass group. You can view all of them in their studios and also take classes including a walk-in workshop where I made these magnets.
Louisville also has a lot of public art out on the streets in the downtown area, including this sculpture which is in front of the Kentucky Center for Performing Arts.
I was also really happy to find Dee's, a large, family-owned craft supply store. They didn't have a lot of fabric, but there bead and scrapbooking sections were impressive.

If you're interested in seeing more photos from my trip to Louisville, visit my new travel blog.

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